110A - 400 Main St NE

Airdrie, AB

Welcome to Discovery Psychology!


Welcome to Discovery Psychology! 

At Discovery Psychology, we provide individual and couples counselling for a wide variety of issues.  We also offer workshops and presentations.  For more information, follow the link below.  

It takes a lot of courage to start the counselling journey, and exploring this website may be the first step for you.  Whether you are visiting for yourself or a loved one, congratulations on fearlessly exploring your options.  

At Discovery Psychology, we treat people like people not diagnoses.  You may have a list of things that you're struggling with like anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addiction, stress and more, but when you're here you will never be treated like a simple list of symptoms. We strive to forge strong relationships with all of our clients that allow for lasting change to occur.  Our belief is that a strong, safe connection with your therapist coupled with effective tools and skills, will allow you to move towards achieving the goals that you have for yourself in a natural sustainable way.  This approach means that counselling can feel natural and comfortable right away.  

We honestly feel that it is an honour and privilege to support our clients as they share their stories in the counselling room.  We hope that we can have the honour of joining you as you take a journey of Discovery.  





"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

Maya Angelou



110A - 400 Main St NE

Airdrie, AB

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Counselling and Psychological Services

The best way to predict the future is to create it. 

-Abraham Lincoln